Art Gallery

"I feel that what you should illustrate is the space between the words. It's the betweenness, the otherness, that gives depth and dimension."
- Brian Froud

I completed a Bachelor in Contemporary Art in 2005, which feels like many moons ago now. Admittedly my work was not a good fit for the sphere I was 'trained' in, but I've always been a bit of a square peg in a round hole. I revel in this liminal space of neither here nor there, for that is where my art practice belongs. Artists are unique creatures - we shape the world in response to the shapes it makes at us.

I work in a range of mediums, but acrylic and watercolour painting are my favourites. I do enjoy crafting and sculpting as well. Art is an intrinsic part of my spiritual practice, I believe all artists can channel the divine through their workings.

Here are some selected works that span from the 2005 to 2023. Some are larger than life acrylic and oil pieces on canvas, and others are smaller works on paper. Some are from my tarot decks that I have created; you can find out more about those here.