Tarot Projects

I am an artist and practicing witch who has been learning and growing with the tarot for over 20 years. I adore tarot and card divination and I love that there are always more pieces to the puzzle to uncover, more layers to unlock. Crafting your own deck is a great way to do that! I have created one tarot deck from start to finish, The Penumbra Tarot, now available. I am also currently in the early stages of creating a new deck, Kallisti Tarot.

Kallisti Tarot

In ancient Greek Mythology, 'Kallisti' is a reference to the golden apple of Discord, whose inscription denoted the fruit as a prize 'for the fairest'.

The Kallisti Tarot is a new project officially announced in 2023, to be independently published. The deck is oriented around unapologetic mayhem with an earthy tether to practicality, something I saught to tap into when I dabbled with the moniker 'Chaos Witch'. I am designing a deck that will have an unapolgetic voice that is truly my own, 'By the Hand of Eris'. It will contain nods to Discordian lore, personal whimsy, chaos magic and pop culture mythology. Kallisti will be an ode to Chaos Witches - my gift to the original piano key necktie wearers everywhere.

This deck is very much in early stages and whilst it is being completed by hand using traditional tools and mediums, these graphics are prototypes and subject to digital tweaking, different fonts, and so on. If you'd like to stay updated and see this deck come to life, check out the Kallisti Tarot Instagram.

The Penumbra Tarot

Ever since I started connecting my art and my spiritual practice together I knew I wanted to make a tarot deck some day. I slowly started working on what would eventually become the Penumbra Tarot about 10 years ago. I went through a lot of trial and error, and learned a lot about the tarot along the way. Momentum really picked up in 2019 when I suffered a knee injury, and by the end of 2020 I was ready to publish. I had no clue or plan for what to do next, but once it was finished, I had the help of an old friend, Ethony, who also created the guidebook for it. She is well known in the tarotsphere for her teaching and sharing of resources on the tarot, and she was one of my earliest tarot teachers. I am forever grateful for her assistance and care in publishing the Penumbra Tarot which has been handed over to her capable hands.

I found it really difficult to see my art far off in the world, to see such personal work be whisked off into the hands of so many different people. But I really enjoy hearing about the adventures of the Penumbra Tarot and how it reads so clearly with no holds barred. Turns out, my whimsical elementals, mermaids and dragon drawings have a bit of bite! If you'd like a copy of the deck, I have a few if you catch me in person, but it's easier to buy online. If you're in Australia and want to avoid international shipping, Amazon is the way to go.